Location Photography - Weddings, Seniors, Families, Children and Sports
Location Photography - Weddings, Seniors, Families, Children and Sports

Location Photography - Weddings, Seniors, Families, Children and SportsLocation Photography - Weddings, Seniors, Families, Children and SportsLocation Photography - Weddings, Seniors, Families, Children and SportsLocation Photography - Weddings, Seniors, Families, Children and SportsLocation Photography - Weddings, Seniors, Families, Children and SportsLocation Photography - Weddings, Seniors, Families, Children and Sports

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Manager Special - $84.95 (Save $84.85)

  • 1-8x10
  • 2-5x7
  • 8 wallets*

*From one pose

20 x 24 Delux Portrait - $79.95 Reg. $149.95

20 x 30 Premier Portrait on Gallery Wrap Canvas - $199.95 Reg. $399.95

24 x 36 Premier Portrait on Gallery Wrap Canvas - $274.95 Reg. $549.95

20 x 30 Artistic Painting on Gallery Wrap Canvas - $224.95 Reg. $449.95

24 x 36 Artistic Painting on Gallery Wrap Canvas - $299.95 Reg. $599.95

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Location Photography - Weddings, Seniors, Families, Children and SportsLocation Photography - Weddings, Seniors, Families, Children and Sports

If you're looking for a traditional portrait where you drive to the studio in heavy traffic, get rushed into the studio, get placed in front of a painted background in an awkward pose, have the photographer tell you to say "cheese", and then get rushed out of the studio and into the hands of a high pressure salesman, then we ARE NOT the studio for you!

Specializing in location photography, Woody will photograph your session at your favorite location. Whether that be at your home, the park, the river or the foothills, Woody will be there to capture a unique portrait that you will cherish always. We will photograph Weddings, Seniors, Families, and Children, all over New Mexico. And best of all, we come to you! And if you really, really want a painted background, we'll make it look like you went to the studio while you actually stayed at home.

Still not sure why you should choose Woody for your photography? Here are just ten reasons that make Woody the best choice when making an investment in your portraits or wedding.

  1. Our work is guaranteed! If you're not thrilled with the images we produce and can not find any images you want to make into portraits, we will either take some more images based on your critique or we will refund 100 percent of your money. So either way, you win!
  2. We only do a maximum of three portrait sessions a day. This way, you are not rushed through like a factory. We can take the time necessary to make really beautiful portraits of you. We are much more interested in creating wonderful images for you, rather than working with hundreds and hundreds of clients each year. You simply can not rush when you want to create a truly beautiful, meaningful portrait!
  3. Woody specializes in location photography. We allow you to choose a location that is emotionally meaningful to you - this makes the portraits much more personal and special to you. It means so much more to you than if we simply created the portraits in a studio. Plus, we charge, in some cases, even less for location work than some studios charge for in studio sessions.
  4. The personal touch. Unlike most studios, where you have to take time out of your busy schedule to go to them, Woody takes the time to come to you. We specialize in location photography and feel that in addition to your photography session being done were you decide, part of our service should include coming out to you for a pre-session consultation (especially important for children portraiture), the viewing of your images and delivery of your final portraits.
  5. We truly desire to create for you the finest portrait you have ever had created! We want to thrill you. We want you to look your very best. We truly love what we do and are motivated by seeing the emotions of our clients come out when they see their images for the first time.
  6. We don't limit you during your session. Are you tired of being told that in order to change outfits or to do some individual images of each of the family members that you will have to pay extra? Another unique factor about Woody is that we do not believe in limiting your session. The only thing we charge you for is time. The typical session is an hour long. During that time you can change as many times as you want and we can even go to different locations. If there are multiple people in the session, we will photograph as many different combinations, of your choosing, until your time runs out. Still want more time? We will allow you to purchase up to an additional hour. It's all up to you how we spend the time.
  7. No high pressure sells. Unlike some studios who have a highly trained sales staff that are good at high pressure sales, Woody believes that you know what you need and want. So we never try to pressure you into buying anything you don't want. We will take the time to explain all our pricing and inform you of any specials we have at the time of your session. Once we have answered all your questions, it will be up to you to decide what you order. So you never have to worry about hearing us say, "If you don't order today, the negatives will be destroyed!" A couple of the things that makes Woody unique is that we do not believe in high pressure sales and we will not destroy your images. You can come back to us years later and still get portraits from your session. (Acts of Mother Nature, theft, or other unforeseen situations may limit the amount of time we can preserve your images).
  8. We understand how you may be a little nervous. Not everyone feels comfortable in front of a camera. We are used to this and will help you feel very at ease - so you look your best in your portraits. Most photographers are not really all that good with people. We pride ourselves in taking the very best, most compassionate care of you before, during and after your session.
  9. We love what we do. And that love and enthusiasm results in photographs that are much better and more special to you. Plus, you become excited, too, and your expressions are much more natural and beautiful, because everyone's having a great time.
  10. We carefully plan and coordinate your portrait session - making sure that the settings go perfectly with your clothing, so everything is in perfect color and tonal harmony - so you look fantastic, and are very proud of the portraits.

Our Services

Weddings - Most of our wedding packages include team coverage, some with two photographers. We cover the Albuquerque and Las Cruces areas as well as most of New Mexico. For areas outside of those locations, additional travel expense may be added. Call Woody for info. Engagement photography is also available.

Seniors - Location photography sessions create some of the most memorable senior portraits. Each session is custom designed for the individual senior. We take the time to find out what's most important in your life and design the photography session to match it.

Families - Families are what it's all about. Whether your family consists of two, three, four or even a dozen members, our location photography will capture a truly unique portrait that you will cherish always. Part of your family sessions include doing additional images of the family members. We will do as many groupings as time will allow. Each location photography session is an hour long. So whether your favorite location is your home, the park, the river, or the foothills, Woody will be there.

Children - Infants, toddlers, babies, newborns, or just kids. No matter how you like to refer to your children, we refer to it as fun. Woody's location photography allows children to be themselves in their environment. Woody doesn't try to conform children to the photography, Woody conforms the photography to the children. You will never capture a more meaningful expression than when your child is doing what s/he loves to do.

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